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Welcome to HEDH Multimedia

Welcome to the Multimedia Edition of Heat Exchanger Design Handbook (HEDH), the standard reference source for heat transfer and heat exchanger design. This Multimedia Edition contains several interactive features that bring the rigorous and authoritative material from HEDH to life.

What’s new:
  • Videos and animations help the reader understanding and visualising complex concepts
  • HEDH calculation Widgets allow rapid calculation and visualisation of key design quantities and physical properties at the click of a mouse
  • HEDH selection Wizards guide the selection of the appropriate type of heat exchanger and directs the user to the right content
  • Semantic Search and Navigation Maps to find efficiently the solution to any type of design problem
Recently Added:
Upcoming Articles:
  • Printed circuit heat exchangers by Mile Vujicic, Sterling Thermal Technology Ltd.
  • Advanced Manufacturing of Heat Exchangers using 3D Printing by John David Bernardin, Los Alamos National Laboratory.
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