Packaged units, specification of, Packing characteristic, in cooling towers, Packings, for cooling towers Packings, for fixed beds: Packinox heat exchanger, Paints, spectral characteristics of reflectance of surfaces treated with, Palen, J W Panchal, C B, Paraffins, normal and isonormal: Paraldehyde: Parallel channel instability, in condensers, Partial boiling in subcooled forced convective heat transfer, Participating media, radiation interaction in, Particle convective component, in heat transfer from fluidized beds, Particle emissivity, Particle Reynolds number in fixed beds, Particles: Particulate fluidization, Particulate fouling, Pass arrangements, in plate heat exchangers, Passes, tube side, Passive methods, for augmentation of heat transfer, passive systems for: PD5500 mechanical design of shell-and-tube heat exchangers to, Peacock, D K, Pearson number, Peclet number Peng-Robinson equation of state, application to hydrocarbons, Penner's rule, in absorption of radiation by gases, Pentachloroethane (Refrigerant 120): Pentadecane: Pentadecene: Pentadiene 1, 2: Pentadiene 1, trans 3: Pentadiene 1, 4: Pentadiene 2-3: Pentafluoroethane (Refrigerant 125) Pentamethylbenzene: Pentane: Pentanoic acid: 1-Pentanol: 1-Pentene: cis-2-Pentene: trans-2-Pentene: Pentylacetate: Pentylbenzene: Pentylcyclohexane: Pentylcyclopentane: Pentylcyclopropane, liquid properties, Perforated fins, in plate fin heat exchangers, Perforated plates, loss coefficients in, Periodic operation, of regenerator, Periodic variations in temperature, thermal conduction in bodies with, PFR correlation, for heat transfer in high fin tube banks, Pharmaceutical industry, fouling of heat exchangers in, Phase change materials, in augmentation of heat transfer, Phase change number, Phase equilibrium: Phase inversion Phase separation, as source of corrosion problems, Phenol: Phenols: Phenylhydrazine: Phonons, in thermal conductivity of solids, Phosgene: Physical properties: Pi theorum, in dimensional analysis, Pinch analysis, for heat exchanger network design, Pioro, I L Pioro, LS, Pipe leads, Piperidine: Pipes, circular: Pipes, noncircular: Piping components: Pitting corrosion, in stainless steels, Planck's constant, Planck's law, for spectral distribution of blackbody radiation, Plane shells, steady-state thermal conduction in, Plastic deformation Plate fin heat exchangers Plate fins, efficiency, Plate heat exchangers: Plate evaporator Plates: Plug flow: Plug flow model, for furnaces, Pneumatic conveyance, Pneumatic conveying dryer, P-NTU method: Polarization, of thermal radiation, Polyglycols, as heat transfer media, Polymers: Pool boiling, Porous surfaces: Port arrangements, in plate heat exchangers, Portable fouling unit, Poskas, P, Postdryout heat transfer: Powders: Power law fluid (non-Newtonian), Power plant: Prandtl number Precipitation (crystallization) fouling, Precipitation hardening, of stainless steels, Pressure coefficient: Pressure control of condensers, Pressure drop: Pressure gradient: Pressure, specification of in mechanical design to EN13445, Pressure testing, Pressure vessels, principle codes for, Pressurised water reactor, fouling in, Printed circuit heat exchanger, Problem table algorithm, in pinch analysis, Process heaters: Progressive plastic deformation Prolate spheroids, free convective heat transfer from, Promoters, in dropwise condensation, Propadiene: Propane: 1-Propanol: 2-Propanol: Propeller agitator, Property ratio method, for temperature dependent physical property Propionaldehyde: Propionic acid: Propionic anhydride: Proprionitrile: Propyl acetate: Propylamine: Propylbenzene: Propylcyclohexane: Propylcyclopentane: Propylene: 1,3-Propylene glycol: Propylene oxide: Propyl formate: Propyl propionate: Pseudo-boiling in supercritical fluids, Pseudo-film boiling in supercritical fluids, Pseudocritical pressure, Pseudocritical tempertaure, Pugh, S F Pulp and paper industry, fouling of heat exchangers in, Pulsations, use in augmentation of heat transfer, Pulverized fuel water-tube boiler, Pumping, lost work in, Pushkina and Sorokin correlation, for flooding in vertical tubes, Pyramid, free convective heat transfer from, Pyridine:
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